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Beiguan Leisure Farm

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Leaning against mountains and facing the sea, Beiguan Leisure Farm boasts beautiful coastal views, clear spring water, and many different animals and plants. The farm is well equipped and fun events are held from time to time. There is a mountain-spring pool and children’s waterways for families with kids to enjoy on a hot summer day. At the farm’s ecological zone, visitors can watch fireflies, pick fruits, and feed small animals. In DIY classrooms, visitors can paint piggy banks or make rubbings. There is an indoor BBQ area where people  enjoy grilled food on rainy days. Be sure to walk to Guishan Sunrise Pavilion and watch Guishan Island on the sea. This little journey is relaxing for one’s body and soul. And the world’s first crab museum is not to be missed. More than 700 kinds of living and specimen crabs are eye-opening. The museum offers guided tours for visitors to learn about crab ecology and ocean conservation.

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No. 205, Xinhua Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
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  • Parking lot
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Last Updated:2021-03-09

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