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A few keywords about the tours are: LOHAS, leisure, and regimen. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and local trains link up all major scenic spots here, such as Fulong Visitor Center, Caoling Historic Trail, and Longdong Bay Park.

  1. The meals include: Authentic Fulong lunch box, seaweed jelly and “guso” algae of Longdong Bay Park, as well as afternoon tea at Shicheng Visitor Service Center 
  2. Others:
    (1) Visitors are advised to utilize public transport
    (2) Some parts of Old Caoling’s circular bicycle path are steep. Please evaluate own health condition before taking it.
    (3) Please evaluate own health condition before going for scuba diving, and stay accompanied when in the water.
  3. Free handcycle rentals:
    Two handcycles are available at the Caoling Historic Tunnel North Entrance Management & Control Center for the physically and/or mentally challenged and elders who are 65 of age or more. Please borrow them directly at the center. Tel: 886-2-24992397. The handcycles are available from 08:30 to 16:00, Tuesdays to Sundays.

Travel info

1 Day Package
Cycling & Light Travel、LOHAS Hiking、Accessible Tour
Day 1
Old Caoling Tunnel
Old Caoling Tunnel
We recommend staying here for 120 mins
2,167 meters long in total, Old Caoling Tunnel used to connect Shichang and Fulo...
Parking lot Toilets
More info
Fulong Visitor Center
Fulong Visitor Center
We recommend staying here for 60 mins
The Fulong Visitor Center is right next to the Fulong Beach. It is located withi...
Visitor center Parking lot Toilets Information Station
More info
Longdong Bay Ocean Park
Longdong Bay Ocean Park(Photography competition entries)
We recommend staying here for 120 mins
If you feel like getting close to oceans and have some watery fun with family, t...
Parking lot Toilets
More info
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Last Updated:2022-05-20