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Hohaiyan Rock Festival

Hohaiyan Rock Festival, held every summer, encourages local artists to make music. It also brings together the ocean and music, making them an icon of the Northeast Coast. The festival was held for the first time in 2000, and “Hohaiyan” is an indigenous Amis exclamation word inspired by the ocean. The festival and its side events are held at Fulong Beach in Gongliao, and many young people, especially music fans, come to take part.

There are two stages on the beach. Famous rock’n’roll bands, independent artists, and underground music bands take turns contributing music. The concerts are free. The fabulous shows and excited visitors make the venue truly alive.

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You are cordially invited to come to Fulong Beach on a hot summer day. Let the music festival bring out the long suppressed energy inside of you. Let’s embrace this sacred music fest, held just once a year!

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Last Updated:2021-03-10