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The origin of the name Longdong (dragon’s cave) comes from the shape of the region’s coastline, similar to the shape of a dragon lying down. Along the coastline are a series of hard, steep rising sandstone formations. These rocks with clear cut joints stand erect and close to the ocean, vigorously pronouncing their presence. Here, there is the life-like Longdong Cape, the clear Longdong Bay waters and the oldest exposed rock layers of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area. Tourists will also find that the impressive sea cliffs are composed of extremely hard rock, thus providing a popular rock climbing zone. This is indeed an area of unique landform and geological views.

Under the management of the administrative center, the Longdong area can be divided by the Longdong Tunnel into two recreational areas, the Longdongwan Park and the Longdong South Ocean Park. They are distinguished by their rich and diverse geological views and recreational water activities, respectively. Both attract local tourists, the descendents of dragons. Besides listening to waves, admiring scenery, swimming, snorkeling, and eco-watching, tourists can also engage in outdoor sports such as rock climbing and hiking. Of course, the abundant erosion platforms here serve as a great natural classroom for observing shore critters and various types of algae.