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Su-ao Town is located at the southeast corner of Yilan County, and marks the beginning of the Suhua Highway and the North-Link Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It is also the ending of National Highway No. 5. Within Su-ao Town there is also the Su-ao Harbor which services cargo ships and the navy, and the Nanfangao Harbor in the south, serving as a coastal fishing port and ocean fishing port, which it is geographically well suited for.

After arriving at Su-ao, besides taking a cold dip within Su-ao Cold Springs Park’s cold springs, tourists can also head towards Baimi Community, Dongao Bay, Wushebi, Su’aonantian Temple, Nanfangao Harbor, Su’aojinan Temple, Wulaokeng Scenic Spot and other locations around Su-ao to admire the beautiful scenery; the locals have also developed many tasty products that use the spring water of Su-ao’s cold springs, such as cow tongue cookies, sticky rice cakes, and other unique Su-ao cold spring specialties. Just so you know, these are widely popular all over Taiwan!

Tourists who love birds should not miss out on the internationally renowned Wuwei Harbor Water Fowl Reserve. The Coral Museum, Nanfangao Seashells Museum and the Bihanshuan Egg and Feather Museum all offer various types of ecological knowledge, forming an excellent classroom and exhibition hall.

The scenic locations of Tofu Cape, Neibi Beach and Nanfangao all offer diverse coastal landforms. Here, tourists can enjoy the sea breeze and admire the unlimited scenery offered by the sea. With all these interesting locations around Su-ao, tourists will definitely return home with beautiful memories!