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The abundant geographical resources of the Northeast Coast offer surprises at each and every corner. In a way, the Northeast Coast is in fact a miniature projection of Taiwan, as it developed from an area of sunken land on the coast of South China that was then pushed up from the seas into a mountainous island. This was a period of great changes, a time of fierce evolution that has carved itself into Longdong Cape's ancient and adamant sandstone walls, and recorded itself into Bitou Cape's sediment beds.

  • Longdong Cape
    Longdong Cape
  • Bitou Cape
    Bitou Cape

The Cape of San Diego forms one border of the coastline landform. To the north of San Diego is a typical ria landform, where rock formations have been sculpted through erosion, abrasion, weathering, displacement, and other natural forces, forming mushroom-shaped rocks, tofu-like chessboard rocks, hive-like honeycomb rocks, and other naturally formed rock formations such as Nanya area's erosion-formed striated rock formations; Bitou Cape's intriguing mushroom rocks, sea cliffs, platforms, undercut bluffs, and other erosion landforms such as; a three mile stretch of golden beach between Yanliao and Fulong; Longdong Cape's steep sandstone cliffs; Lailai and Ying-ge's prominent wave-eroded platforms; and finally, Beiguan's extraordinary cuestas and tofu rock landforms. As for Nanfangao, it was originally an island, but gradual sand deposition led to its connection with the mainland, forming an isthmus. The coastline geological views seen here are capes, reefs, cliffs, and erosion caves.

  • Nanya Rocks
    Nanya Rocks
  • Nanya Geological Hiking Trail
    Nanya Geological Hiking Trail
  • Fulong Beach
    Fulong Beach
  • Lailai Geological Zone
    Lailai Geological Zone

The diverse coastal landforms seen along the Northeast coast continues to reveal the unique nature of this area's geological background and development. It is indeed the perfect place for appreciation of the beauty of the land.

Last Updated: 2021/03/22