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The “Jie” was the functional unit of colonization for the Han people. At first look, Wujie Township looks like it is situated on a typical alluvial plain. In fact, there are also hills, plains, sand dunes, river outlets and swamplands present. Situated at the southeast corner of the Lanyang Plain, Wujie Township is located at the outlet of the Lanyang River. It is both a Taiwanese fishery/farming village and the homeland of the Kavalan: a millennium ago, the 36 tribes of the Kavalan first settled down in Gezihnan (Yilan area). Currently, the only few tribes left, such as the Liouliou Tribe and the traditional Jialiyuan Tribe are all located along the lower banks of the Dongshan River.

Within the Lize Village area of Wujie, tourists will find a nationally famous local delicacy: Smoked and Corned Duck Meat; here, there are also some popular places to visit: the Dongshan River Water Park, National Center for Traditional Arts, Cingshuei Anti-tide Gates, Erjiewanggong Temple Thousand People Temple Relocation, Sihjie Fude Temple Tu Di Gong gold statue, and the 52-jia Wetland Protection Zone. Besides Kavalan ruins, Wujie is the only place where tourists will also find Japanese and Dutch style architecture. Finally, to appreciate the unique Taiwanese tradition of “Fire Walking”, Wujie is also the only place to be!