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The Northeast Green Destination received Gold Certification and encouraged operators to join the "International Sustainable Tourism Certification", leading 15 operators in the region to obtain the International GTS Green Travel Label.

Date :2024-03-13
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The Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Cape Management Office) once again passed the "Green Destinations Gold Award" audit by the Green Destinations Foundation in 113 years. The Northeast Tourism Circle has continued to promote operators to integrate with international sustainable tourism certification for four years. A total of 15 operators have passed the Green Travel Seal (GTS). Through regional public-private cooperation, they have integrated into the international sustainable tourism certification management system. Develop destination sustainable tourism software and hardware services to meet the needs of the international tourism industry chain and respond to the Tourism Department’s 113th “Sustainable X-Digital” goal. Due to the eight years of continuous efforts of the Northeast Point Management Office and the phased results of the industry's investment in sustainable actions, it has the potential for international green tourism development. Albert Salman, Chairman of the Green Destinations Foundation, specially invited the Northeast Point and Yilan Coast Countries of the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications The Scenic Area Management Office has joined one of the 20 green destinations around the world that launched the "Good Travel Alliance", working together to establish the world's most influential sustainable marketing platform to strengthen the business conduct of global sustainable players. Networking and marketing.

Northeastern Green Destination Receives Gold Certification

A group photo of certified operators (photo provided by Quanlian Shanmei Culture and Arts Foundation)

At 1:30 pm on March 12, 2013, the Northeast Corner Management Office, in order to encourage operators in the 19 towns and villages in the Greater Northeast Cape tourist circle to be more aware of sustainability and join the ranks of sustainable actions, passed the GTS two-star operator Yamagatakaku Hot Spring. The hotel held the "Greater Northeast Point International Green Travel Mark Certification Ceremony and Briefing Session" to commend the businesses that have passed the International Green Travel Mark certification and invite more businesses in the region to participate in the new year's International Green Travel Mark certification. An online briefing on GTS certification will be held from 10:30 to 12:00 on March 18, 2020, and interested tourism industry operators are invited to seize the opportunity to sign up. ( Registration URL )

Entrepreneurs who join sustainability initiatives

A group photo of participants (photo provided by Quanlian Shanmei Culture and Arts Foundation)

As of January 2020, the businesses that have obtained the GTS two-star label in the Greater Northeast Area are: Toucheng Leisure Farm Co., Ltd., Futai International Hotel Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Jiaoxi Branch (Shangata Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel), and the National Center for Traditional Arts , Yixianju Boutique B&B, Earthman Outdoor Leisure Home. Those who received the one-star mark include: Shuangxi Footnote Studio, Longdong Bay Ocean Park Diving Service Area, Shengyang Leisure Farm, Fullon Hotel Fulong Branch, Fungi Baby Museum, Magang Post, Yilan County Toucheng Town Port Community Development Association, Hexiangju Firewood Kiln Baking Bread, Hardware Store B&B, and No. 9 Coffee Waiao Branch. (Ordered by strokes)

GTS Certification Briefing Session

Director You Liyu of the Northeast Corner Management Office delivers a speech (photo provided by Taiwan Sustainable Travel Association)

The green travel label follows the basic operational specifications of the global sustainable tourism standards and green tourism destination certification standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and integrates the label into 10 major themes, including (1) food and products, ( 2) Care for others, (3) Quality employment, (4) Climate care, (5) Waste reduction, (6) Pollution reduction, (7) Care for water resources, (8) Nature care, (9) Cultural care, ( 10) Management and information. Through the label certification industry, through the inventory, monitoring and standard topics of label tools, we can better understand the advantages of enterprises in sustainability. Taking two-star operators as an example, Yixianju Boutique B&B does not use plastic bottled water, uses energy-saving equipment, and conducts systematic energy monitoring and management; the Yamagata Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel provides local communities and displays local cultural and creative product stories on the first floor of the hotel. 80% of the ingredients are purchased locally, and rainwater is also collected for irrigation or outdoor cleaning. In addition to long-term restoration and feedback of tangible cultural assets such as Wenchang Temple, Guangxiao Hall, and Huang Juren’s Residence in the area, the National Center for Traditional Arts also provides services in the park. There is also considerable investment in local procurement, with the proportion of inviting local theater troupes to perform on average accounting for about 50%, and the proportion of local manufacturers settling in is about 38%.

Sustainable Vision

Toucheng Leisure Farm shares the story of sustainable action (photo provided by Taiwan Sustainable Travel Association)

The Green Travel Label helps operators understand their sustainable vision and goals, establish procurement policies, and conduct actual monitoring records on procurement, chemicals, water, electricity, and energy. The label emphasizes local and friendly procurement, local Feedback and whether the business operations of the industry promote the protection and promotion of local nature and culture to tourists, while also encouraging regional connections among businesses. Applicant companies set goals and practical actions year by year. Through the audit and review mechanism of the mark, companies can review the sustainability of their operations and strategies for creating green practices.

Sustainable Tourism Instructions

Certification description (photo provided by Taiwan Sustainable Travel Association)

You Liyu, director of the Northeast Point Management Office, said that in addition to encouraging operators to integrate international sustainable tourism management through the application for the Green Travel Label, the Northeast Point Management Office also tried to match relevant operators last year and obtained approval from the Ministry of Environment of the Executive Yuan. Travel agencies with certified silver-level (inclusive) environmentally friendly travel industry or international sustainability-related certifications produce travel products for travel agencies to market and sell, assist with media publicity and marketing promotions in follow-up planning, and develop product portfolio gifts for GTS operators. In addition, the "Second Northeastern Sustainability Story Competition" will continue to be held this year (113), allowing industry professionals to have the opportunity to learn more about sustainable tourism actions through sustainable practice stories. It is worth mentioning that the Green Enterprise Category Champion of the first Northeast Corner Sustainability Practice Story Competition last year, Story Toucheng Leisure Farm "Green Kitchen", was recommended by the Northeast Corner Management Office and selected for the 2024 ITB Berlin Green Destination Story Competition - Business Marketing The second place in the category. Business operators from 19 towns and villages in the Northeastern Tourism Circle who are willing to learn about international sustainable practices are welcome to sign up to participate.

Great Northeast Point Tourist Area Operator

A group photo of industry participants (photo provided by Quanlian Shanmei Culture and Arts Foundation)


  1. The scope of the Great Northeast Corner Sightseeing Circle: includes Ruifang District, Pingxi District, Shuangxi District, Gongliao District, Shiding District, Shenkeng District, Pinglin District, New Taipei City, Toucheng Town, Jiaoxi Township, and Yuanshan Township in Yilan County , Zhuangwei Township, Yilan City, Sanxing Township, Wujie Township, Luodong Town, Dongshan Township, Suao Town, Nanao Township, and Datong Township.
  2. Green Destinations Foundation (GD): The foundation is headquartered in the Netherlands and has 500 destination partners in 90 countries around the world. Hosts green destination certification, follows the global sustainable tourism standards certification operation tool (GSTC, Global Sustainable Tourism Council), designs 84 sustainable certification standards, provides participating members with a green management system, and assists participants in step-by-step community/tourism The current situation of the region and the establishment of a local sustainable management mechanism. GD is committed to forming an alliance with the tourism industry, creating a sustainable tourism promotion mechanism that is in line with business models, and helping members connect with the global tourism market. In 107 years, it signed an alliance with ITB Berlin, the world's largest commercial travel exhibition, and promotes ITB Berlin held in March every year. To promote the world's top 100 green destinations, GD also launched a global sustainability leadership conference platform to jointly develop a professional exchange platform with global sustainable tourism professionals.
  3. 2024 ITB Berlin Green Destinations Story Awards (2024 Green Destinations Story Awards): The 107 ITB Berlin Travel Show has formed an alliance with the Green Destinations Foundation, and holds the Global Green Destinations Top Awards at the Berlin Travel Show every year. The global green destination story finalists are selected according to the theme categories, with the purpose of conveying the efforts of ITB Berlin Tourism Organizer for responsible tourism and sustainable tourism. The Northeast and Yilan National Scenic Area Management Office won the ITB Berlin-Asia Pacific Best Tourism Destination Award in 2019 for its "old train tunnel turned into a bicycle path". In the 113th ITB Berlin Green Destination Story Competition, 6 shortlisted stories were selected in each of the six categories of the Top 100 Stories (1. Sustainable management of tourist destinations; 2. Nature and landscape; 3. Environment and climate; 4. Culture and tradition; 5. Residents and social welfare; 6. Commerce and tourism services), and the top three will be selected in each category. At the same time, an ITB Earth Award will be selected, and the public's online voting will be opened to provide a People's Choices Award.
  4. Sustainable Travel Taiwan: Formally established in 2011, it is the window of international green sustainability certification organizations in Taiwan. The association is a member partner of the GSTC and serves as the global green destination certification (Green Destinations) and Travelife travel operator. Certification (Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents), GTS Green Travel Seal (Green Travel Seal) representative in Taiwan, and cooperates with Control Union to promote CU-GSTC hotel certification. The above certifications all follow the GSTC sustainable tourism standards. The association assists Taiwanese businesses to align with international sustainable tourism standards, conduct education and promotion, and enhance consumers’ awareness of sustainable consumption.

Taiwan Sustainable Travel Association official website

Green Travel Taiwan official website

Last Updated:2024-03-14