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Jhuangwei Village was originally known as Minjhuangwei. It used to be the largest base for the Kavalan people north-river. As it is conveniently located at the center of the Lanyang Plain coast, a view from the Gongguan Fish Harbor Residence is the best place to admire the “Turtle Paying Respect to the Sun”, one of the “Eight Sights of Turtle Island”. Besides watching the sunrise from Gongguan, this village also offers many scenic spots: the 3 km long bike path between Dafu Beach Recreational Area and Donggang Beach Park is a great place to be during weekends; also there is Trawling from the Dafu Beach, sand sculpting and beach fishing from Yongjhen Beach; bird watching at the Donggang Wild Bird Park and the banks of the Lanyang River; and finally, viewing the elegant scenery the Yilan Recreational Area has to offer. All of these activities and scenic areas are well worth trying out!

Jhuangwei is blessed by abounding crops and the prosperity of its people. The industry relies on mainly farming and fishery, so produce varies with the seasons. During springtime green onions are harvested, while in the summer, melons are. This is followed by poultry in autumn and garlic in the winter. Each season presents with a different countryside scenery; especially noticeable is the scenery during the melon season, their specialty produce. Additionally, the pig business is also big here, with boars raised by the Fuchang Ranch supplying the whole of Taiwan, and exporting to nations all over Southeast Asia, earning foreign exchange for Taiwan. Besides the bountiful produce and beautiful scenery, temples can be seen everywhere, providing a deep atmosphere of countryside traditional culture.