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Beginning from Fulong, a 5 km drive towards Yilan will bring tourists to a small fishing village located in a coastline notch- Mao’ao Fishery Village. Like a sudden turn from a large noisy road into a quiet remote path, the simple fishing village of Mao’ao with its century old Banyan trees, free and casual ducks in streams, and stone houses built from local stone sources offers an unexpected serenity within the soft crackling sounds of waves. There are no famous sights or mountains here, but the simplicity of Mao’ao will awe tourists and purify their souls.

Mao’ao faces the ocean and is surrounded by mountains from the back. It is located to the west of Sandiaojiao Cape, and embraces Lailai Montain to the right and Peilan Montain to the left. In the back are mountains that rise high in the shape of rabbit ears. The bays and harbors here are natural, and three mountain streams that supply the daily water usage of villagers run through the village and into the ocean. This is one of the few small fishery villages that have maintained a fully traditional look.

Mao’ao is located at the eastern-most point of Taiwan, and is the earliest village to see the sunrise. Red algae all over the ground, green sea lettuces and broad erosion platforms at the intertidal zones all help build a sense of vastness to the small but beautiful Magang Fishery Village. Past Magang, the pure white Sandiaojiao Lighthouse looms in the distance with its eyes wide open, as a guard to the mountains and sea, as a guard to farmlands, and as a guard to the passage of time. Green sea lettuces spread out like an endless green carpet, attracting both hungry fish and the fishing people of the Northeast Coast who enjoy a fierce battle with them.