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The Northeast Corner Experimental Theater uses building blocks to piece together the service design concept of Fulong Green Destination to create a sustainable experience for tourists in the green destination.

Date :2024-03-20
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Fulong Green Destination Surrounding Service Design Workshop

The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) held the "Fulong Green Destination Peripheral Service Design Work" at the Fulong Hotel Fulong Branch on March 19, 2020. Workshop", inviting professionals from the Applied Script Laboratory stationed in the Incubation Center of Tsinghua University to lead members of the Sustainable Tourism Promotion Team of the Northeast Corner Management Office to work with local businesses and organizations in the Fulong area to use the Fulong area as a place for service design, through Through the "Theater Laboratory Service Design Operation Course", the team's creative ideas are promoted, and it is expected to find software and hardware solutions to improve the overall sustainable practical services in Fulong District.

Group photo of Fulong Green Destination Surrounding Service Design Workshop

The lecturer of this event is Wang Siru, Design Director of the Applied Script Lab. With the script method as the core, he will conduct field trips, explore Fulong’s key touch points, group discussions, conceive of prototypes of customer sustainable experience solutions, draft scripts, etc., and finally conclude with Building blocks convey green destination service design concepts.

Photos of the speech given by the Director of the Registry

Continuing the Northeast Corner Management Office's "Northeast Corner Sustainability Consensus Camp" held at the Yilan Traditional Art Center on January 26, 2020, Northeast Corner Management Office Director You Liyu and colleagues from the Management Office and Fulong area operators, including Fullon Hotel Fulong Store, Xingkong Art Village, Yanxing Tianxia International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Earthman Outdoor Leisure Home, Yilong Fulong Bento, etc., through experimental theater operations, jointly brainstormed to create a sustainable service recreational experience field, and think about how to make When tourists come to the Fulong area, they can experience, integrate and practice sustainable actions more deeply.

Photos of the speech given by the General Manager of Fullon Hotel

Director You Liyu of the Northeast Point Management Office said that the Northeast Point Management Office is not only the first destination in Taiwan to participate in the international green destination certification, but also a pioneer in Asia to participate in the green destination certification program. It has been for 8 consecutive years (105 to 112 years) was selected as one of the top 100 green destinations in the world. However, sustainability actions need to continue. Under the guidance of global sustainability standards, colleagues in the management office continue to review the internal operations of the organization and the management of software and hardware in the jurisdiction to achieve sustainability goals. , taking into account the balanced development of market and sustainability. We look forward to developing innovative and pragmatic sustainable service plans during the internal preparation of the sustainable tourism promotion team of the management office this year.

Fulong Green Destination Surrounding Service Design Workshop

Last Updated:2024-03-20