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Guishan Island

Guishan Island

As soon as the train exits Caoling Tunnel, tourists will glimpse their first view of Turtle Island, floating upon the ocean surface. As the train tracks curve about, the view of Turtle Island will vary, so keep your eyes glued! Turtle Island, also known as Turtle Mountain Islet, is located 10 kilometers east of the Touchen Town coastline. It is a volcanic island located within the ocean, named for its similarity to a floating turtle. The island is 3.3 kilometers wide from east to west and 1.7 kilometers long, coming to a total area of 2.85 kilometers squared, with a total coastline of approximately 10 kilometers. However, even with its small size, there are steep cliffs, active hot springs, hills and peaks, erosion caves, lakes, cold springs, rare cliff vegetation and a rich ocean ecology. With the erosion of ocean water and the rise and fall of the tide, Turtle Island is indeed a beautiful gem in the ocean.