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Taiwan Tour Bus

Taiwan Tour Bus

Taiwan Tour Bus takes you to enjoy beautiful Northeast Coast and Yilan fully!

Taiwan Tour Bus takes visitors to appreciate the unique geological formations of the Northeast Coast, such as magnificent steep cliffs. The area’s natural ecology, hospitable people, delicious local food, seasonal festivals, and culture and art, are all worth exploring. The routes are diversified and enriching, manifesting the Northeast Coast’s best cultural and natural features at once. This is surely an easy and efficient way to visit Taiwan’s cities and countryside, immersing in the island’s touching beauty!

  • Jiufen
  • Sandiaojiao Lighthouse
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Northeast Gold Coast (one-day tour) Link
Guishan Island Yacht & Sailing Tour (Tour B) Link

  1. Reservation is required for taking Taiwan Tour Bus, and can be made two days prior to the day of departure at the latest. After that, please contact a local travel agency to see if there are still seats available for the routes to take.
  2. Taiwan Tour Bus mainly provides half-day and 1-day tours. Two-day and three-day tours, as well as accommodation, may also be arranged.
  3. The fees for taking Taiwan Tour Bus include bus fare, guided-tour fare, and insurance fee (NT$ 2 million contractual liability insurance and NT$30,000 medical insurance or NT$1.4 million passenger insurance).  Additional food and admission tickets may be arranged in advance.
  4. Hotel meet-up points are accessible to hotel guests only.
  5. In case of unsatisfactory services, please call the Domestic Travel Promotion Division, Tourism Administration, MOTC at (04)2331-2688.
Last Updated: 2024/05/06