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Blue Bay Coastal Leisure Area

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Extending as far as 3 kilometers, the golden beach of Blue Bay Coastal Leisure Area can be reached easily by bicycle via a coastal path of the Golden Coast of Fulong. Along the path, visitors can appreciate special sand-dune plants and Shuangxi River. After passing Longmen Suspension Bridge, the bay is right in sight. The area has everything to offer - a beach loved by young and old with fine soft quartz sands, ecological trails, a BBQ zone, and a DIY classroom, among others. Activities are held from time to time, aside from all sorts of land art.

In fact, the wonderful land art here brings together sand works, driftwood, iron objects, bamboos, and wind chimes, rendering the site with an artistic indigenous and southeast Asian atmosphere. At Blue Bay Cafe, visitors can enjoy ocean breezes and some relaxing moments, while sipping soft drinks.

Travel info

No. 45, Yanhai Street, Gongliao District, New Taipei City
Opening Time:
Please visit the official website.
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General facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Toilets

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  • Accessible Parking


  1. Golden Fulong 856 of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Keelung Bus → Get off at Yanliao station.
  2. Keelung Bus 791 → Get off at Yanliao station.
  3. Keelung Bus 886 → Get off at Yanliao station.
  4. Bus F837 or F839 → Get off at Yanliao station.
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Last Updated:2023-02-02