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After passing Nanya on the Coastal High, around the 84km mark, tourists will first be able to gaze upon Bitou Cape, extending into the crystal blue ocean around it! Those who admire Bitou Cape never forget to look back upon its majestic vessel-like erosion cliffs and the soldier-like mushroom rocks that stand uniformly upon erosion platforms, as an armada ready for battle. The name Bitou Cape, meaning Tip-of-the-Nose in Chinese, comes from the cape landform that protrudes into the ocean in the shape of a nose. The steep and protruding cape is much angulated, while under the towering cliffs, waves wait in line to crash upon them, naturally revealing the grandeur of Mother Nature.

Besides comfortably strolling within Bitou Cape Park, visitors can also admire the rich ecology and geological scenery. There are two well-planned hiking paths and the Bitou Coastal Coral Rock Zone. They boast magnificent mountain, ocean and cape views, fantastical sea erosion landscapes, majestic crashing waves, lush seaside plants and a diverse natural ecology. Also, the trails will offer a 360-degree elevated vantage point from where tourists will be able to fully experience the beauty of the nature surrounding them.