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The Dali Tiangong Temple is visible after passing Shicheng, where it sits at the foot of green mountains. The Dali Visitor Service Center is located to the side of the temple, and is a location first timers must visit to understand Dali and collect valuable information. Construction on the Cingyun Temple, commonly known as Tiangong Temple, was first started during the reign of Qing Emperor Dao Guang, and was completed during the reign of Guang Xu. The Tiangong Temple worships the Jade Emperor, also known as Tiangong to commoners, and more specifically is a statue of the Jade Emperor originally from Fuzhou, China. He forms the center of belief for local residents, and the ninth day of the first month of the Lunar calendar is a day of local celebrations and ceremonies, when worshippers from everywhere arrive to participate.

A small trail besides the temple leads to the Caoling Historic Trail. This historic trail can be said to be the first trail that connected east and west Taiwan directly. Along the way there are many different types of flora. When following the winding trail the gentle sound of streams can be heard with terraced fields and intersecting footpaths of fields in view. In the summer the whole mountain smells of Ginger Lily, while in autumn, tourists will see whole meadows of Silver Grass flowing in waves everywhere. Indeed, the Caoling Historic Path is the most popular hiking trail in the Northeast Coast.