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After entering the Longmen area, tourists will begin noticing the interesting and diverse scenery that distinguishes Fulong. Rippling layers of terraced fields and river terrace coupled with the sound of the Shuangsi River murmuring within a gorge is just part of what awaits visitors in Fulong. A characteristic sand split landform formed by the interaction of river and ocean divides the calm Shuangsi River from the overwhelming waves of the ocean, creating the unique view Fulong has to offer.

After exiting the Fulong Train Station, tourists should cross the coastal highway and pass through the Fulong Bridge. Following a small trail on the left, tourists will reach the old street of Fulong. In front of the Fulong Train Station, visitors will see many lunch box stores, which have become the most well known local specialty. Since Fulong is located at the center of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, the Headquarters Center is also located here to offer help to tourists. Local recreational activities and scenic spots include the Fulong Beach, a bike path and the Longmen Camping Site. During summer and autumn, visitors from all around arrive at Fulong to camp in the open, have fun with water on a golden beach, and leisurely ride bikes along the coastal bike path. What an experience!