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Primitive Ocean Life

Come for a tour of culture! The Northeast coast and Yilan coastline not only offers spectacular views that tourists will find hard to resist, the unique cultural sights will also let tourists linger around for more!

Feel the serenity and simplicity of a small fishing village from an old path, with the setting sun and a gentle sea breeze. Gaze at each beautiful carved resolute face, with the marks of their continuous struggle for survival. These are the people who manage to live in harmony with nature under the roaring waves. Their lives, beliefs, and principles all deserve our careful consideration.

A hundred year old path from the Qing Dynasty- Caoling Historic Trail; a testimony to the world of the war against the Japanese- Yanliao Anti-Japanese Memorial; the Cape of San Diego Lighthouse and Bitou Lighthouse, both decades-old guides for ships; an old, modest village that tells the tale of a stream humming a love song with the waves- Maoao Fishing Village; a garden symphony of gentle streams singing, cows casually grazing, white egrets and spacious green meadows -Yuanwangkenkou; many sanctuaries for the soul- Lingjioushan Wusheng Taoist Temple, Silingyan Temple, Dali Tiangong Temple, Gongnan Temple, Shihguanying Temple, Mingshan Temple, Jhuangwei Yongjhen Temple, Nanfangao Nantian Temple, and much more. In short, these cultural treasures will be well worth your enjoyment!

  • Caoling Historic Trail
    Caoling Historic Trail
  • Yanliao Resistance Movement Monument
    Yanliao Resistance Movement Monument
  • Ling Jiou Mountain Wu Sheng Monastery
    Ling Jiou Mountain Wu Sheng Monastery
  • Sandiao Cape Lighthouse
    Sandiao Cape Lighthouse
  • Dali Tian-gong Temple
    Dali Tian-gong Temple
  • Nanfang'ao Nantian Temple
    Nanfang'ao Nantian Temple
Last Updated: 2019/10/19