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Neipi Beach

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Neipi Beach is a perfect place for watching the seas and listening to ocean waves. All year round, fish come to this area to rest and eat, making it a favorite spot for fans of fishing. It is also an off-the-beaten-track place for dating. Boasting a vast ocean and a shiny beach under a blue sky and white clouds, Neipi Beach is failed as “the lovers’ bay.”

Not that many visitors have heard about this place so far, and thus the beach feels rather calm and comfy. If you are lucky, you can even enjoy the whole beach on your own! But please be reminded that, while the sea here seems peaceful, it actually has lurking strong waves. This area is therefore not fit for water activities. Do stay safe when visiting here! Even so, beautiful views and extending sands make Neipi Beach a must-visit. Its colorful sunrise scenery has drawn many to take photos here.

Travel info

Neipi Road, Suao Township, Yilan County (next to the Beibin Park)
Opening Time:
Open all year round
Admission is free

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Toilets


  1. From New Su’ao Train Station / Su’ao Bus Terminal, take a bus or taxi
  2. King Bus G28 → Get off at Neipi Coasts 
Choose a means of transport according to your departure point
Last Updated:2022-06-08

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