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Magang Intertidal Zone

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Washed by ocean waves for long years, the Northeast Coast has a diversified geology. Attractive geological formations are everywhere, including Magang Wave-cut Platform resulting from a collapsed cliff. What’s more, Magang Intertidal Zone is considered Taiwan’s most ecologically diverse intertidal zone with the largest number of algae.

The best way to explore the intertidal zone is to walk. The hundred-meter natural hiking path allows visitors to meet with many little living creatures. In tide pools and under rocks, there are fishlets, sea anemones, blotched nerites, top-snails, crowned turban shells, sea hares, and crabs, in addition to slowly-moving hermit crabs. In low intertidal zones, xxx and xxx grow. The area has something unique to explore in each season, and in intertidal zones, sea creatures can be found all year round. In the spring,lush green sea lettuce and algae cover wave-cut platforms, looking like natural carpets. In the summer, algae are not that many, making it easier to walk. Magang Intertidal Zone, filled with numerous little living creatures, is ideal for observers of nature. Each tidal pool seems to represent a unique ecological world - perfect for young families with children.

Travel info

Magang, Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City
Opening Time:
Open all year round

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Toilets


Gongliao District Happiness Bus (Fulian line)🡪 Get off at Magang City Activity Center.

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Last Updated:2024-03-18