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Beautiful Silver Grass
Beautiful Silver Grass

The Silver Grass Festival of Caoling Historic Trail has drawn many visitors throughout the years with impressive scenes of blooming silver grass. A full mountain of silver grass in the winds is like a sea of silver waves. Each year, the Administration holds fun interactive games and a series of side events, such as tiger-inscription rubbings and old-trail guided tours. Deep in the mountain, there is an old mansion-like forestry station which is now accessible to general visitors.

  • In-depth Guided Tours
    In-depth Guided Tours
  • Silver Grass
    Silver Grass

If you are in love with nature or hiking, while the silver grass festival is held, why not visit Caoling Historic Trail with family and friends. Be embraced by dancing silver grass and enjoy leisurely time in the mountains. We recommend visiting famous nearby tourist destinations such as Tiangong Temple, and the Dali Visitor Center. Explore Caoling during the silver grass blooming season for a romantic yet informative tour!

A Sea of Fluttering Silver Grass
A Sea of Fluttering Silver Grass
Overlooking Guishan Island at Mountain Pass
Overlooking Guishan Island at Mountain Pass

【Notes for visitors】

  1. Please do not pick silver grass. Violators can face punishment based on the Act for the Development of Tourism. Please also bring garbage down the mountain to keep it clean.
  2. Mountain weather can be unstable. Dress in layers like an onion, and put on non-slippery shoes. Bring rain gear and sufficient water.

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Last Updated:2024-03-22