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  • Nanya Rocks

    Nanya Rocks

    Nanya Geological Hiking Trail is an ideal beginning of a geological adventure in the Northeast Coast. Since the coasts here are steep, cliffs and weathered rocks are many - although these formations might show different levels of corrosion. Exactly because the hardness and thickness of each layer of rocks are different, the geological landscape here is highly diversified.

  • Wushi Port

    Wushi Port

    “Wushi” refers to a gigantic black coral reel rock in the port. Although today it is just a small-town fishery port, once it was the biggest port in Lanyang. After recent refurbishment, the new port serves as a tourist fishery port loved by many, while the old one becomes a conservation wetland.

  • Lanyang Museum

    Lanyang Museum

    The museum’s architectural inspirations come from the “single-faced mountain” and rock textures of of the Northeast Coast. As seasons change and the hours of a day move, the building seems to show varying colors. Looking at it from afar, the museum seems to rise out from under the water. The lake is peaceful like a mirror, reflecting the museum and a blue sky. Magnificent and graceful, the mesmerizing scene feels like a poem and a painting.

  • Geological Tour - Bitou Cape

    Geological Tour - Bitou Cape

    Geological features: sea cliffs, marine terraces, wave-cut platforms

    Rock structure: sandstone, shale, trace fossils

    Age of deposition: 4-8 million years ago

  • Geological Tour - Nanya Rocks

    Geological Tour - Nanya Rocks

    Geological characteristics: Differentiated abrasions, cross-bedding, Paleocurrent, abrasion markings

    Rock type: Sandstone, shale

    Geological era: 8-5 million years ago

  • Geological Tour - Longdong

    Geological Tour - Longdong

    Geological features: sea cliffs, wave-cut platforms

    Rock structure: thick-bedded conglomerate, sandstone, argillite

    Age of deposition: 35-40 million years ago

  • Geological Tour - Beiguan

    Geological Tour - Beiguan

    Geological characteristics: Cuesta, Tofu Rock, differentiated erosion

    Rock structure: Sandstone, Argillite

    Geological Era: 40-30 million years ago