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Lailai Sanctuary

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Lailai Sanctuary is not only famous for beautiful coastal scenery, Taiwan’s largest “Fire Dragon Rock” and impressive geo-scapes. It is even a cafe! A formerly deserted elementary school building, it was refurbished by the Administration a few years back. Now, it serves a range of dishes by zealous locals, and visitors can easily find it by the Old Caoling Bicycle Path. Other than sipping a cup of coffee here, be sure to enjoy views of Guishan Island afar!

Walk along the small path by the cafe and you shall reach the beautiful Lailai Coast. Watch the Fire Dragon Rock closely here - it looks like a dragon lurking in the sea. It is said the rock was formed about 2.7 million years ago after a volcanic eruption under the sea. This special string of basalt rocks look like the ridge of a dragon. Around the basalt rocks, there are even round stones big and small that look like the dragon’s eggs.

Travel info

No. 2, Penglai Street, Gongliao District, New Taipei City
Opening Time:
13:00-17:00 on Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00-17:00 on Weekends
Admission is free

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Toilets


New Bus F831 (Gongliao Train Station-Yingge Rock) 🡪 Get off at Lailai

Choose a means of transport according to your departure point
Last Updated:2023-02-02

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