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Beiguan Tidal Park

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Haichao Park is located in small-town Toucheng of the Northeast Coast. It boasts magnificent mountain and ocean formations, including Single-faced Mountain, Tofu Rock, and Small Cape that are tens of millions years old. As visitors walk to the park’s highest point - a pavilion, they can enjoy a birds-eye-view of Lanyang Plain, Guishan Island, and Wai’ao coasts. In the park, there are even two century-old cannons allegedly coined in the years of Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty. The cannons seem to bear so many stories of the past, and they add nostalgic charm to the area.

Fans of railways and photography should not miss this place. It is truly satisfying to watch trains passing in-between mountains and the sea! The ocean views here are also impeccable. High-tide and sunrise hours are especially recommended for those wanting to make impressive photos.

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No. 10, Sec. 4, Binhai Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261
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From Guishan Train Station, walk 1.5km (about 20 minute) towards Daxi.

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Last Updated:2024-03-22

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