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Traffic evacuation promotion for the 110th Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day consecutive holidays

Date :2021-08-27
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1. Public transportation vehicles:

Take the train

By passenger or bus

  1. Keelung Passenger Transport Route 791 (National New City-Fulong):
    • Frequency: Every 30-40 minutes at the peak, and every 60-90 minutes from the peak.
    • website
  2. Guoguang Passenger Transport Route 1811 (Taipei-Luodong) and Route 1812 (Taipei-Nanfangao):
    • Frequency: Please refer to Guoguang Passenger Transport website.
    • website
  3. Taiwan Hao Xing-Golden Fulong Line:
    • Route: Ruifang Railway Station ⇔ Jiufen ⇔ Golden Museum ⇔ Golden Waterfall ⇔ Shuinan Cave ⇔ Nanya Nanxin Palace ⇔ Bitou ⇔ Longdong Bay Ocean Park ⇔ Longdong South Exit Ocean Park (Longdong Four Seasons Bay) ⇔ Aodi ⇔ Yanliao ⇔ Fulong Visitor Center ⇔ Magang.
    • Frequency: Daily driving frequency (departure from Ruifang at 09:00, 12:00, 15:10/10:25, 13:25, 16:25 from Magang).
    • Discount: After taking the main bus with an e-ticket, the public can enjoy a two-way transfer discount when they transfer to the city bus of New Taipei City.
    • website
  4. Good trip to Taiwan-Coastline of northeast corner of Yilan:
    • Route: Jiaoxi Bus Station ⇔ Baishijiao ⇔ Toucheng ⇔ Wushi Port (Lanyang Museum) ⇔ Northeast Scenic Area Waiao Station ⇔ Waiao (Waiao Railway Station) ⇔ Xinchang Fishing Port (Guishan Railway Station) ⇔ Beiguan (Beiguan Tide Park) ⇔ Daxi (Daxi Railway Station) ⇔ Xingang (Daxi Fishing Port) ⇔ Tiangong Temple (Dali Visitor Center) ⇔ Shicheng Service Area.
    • Frequency: Daily driving frequency (09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00 from Jiaoxi Transfer Station/10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 15: 00 Departs from Shicheng Service Area).
    • website
  5. Taiwan Haohang-Zhuangwei Dune Line:
    • Route: Yilan Bus Station ⇔ Yilan Railway Station ⇔ Zhuangwei Township Office ⇔ Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Tourist Service Park ⇔ Houpi ⇔ Yongzhen Coastal Recreation Area ⇔ Dafu Coastal Recreation Area ⇔ Toucheng Binhai Forest Park ⇔ Dakeng Observation Deck ⇔ Wushi Port (Lanyang Museum) ⇔ Toucheng Railway Station.
    • Frequency: Daily driving frequency (08:30, 10:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 Yilan departure/08:30, 10:30, 13:00, 15:00, 16:00 Toucheng Depart from the station).
    • website
  6. Yilan Jinhao: Take the train to Toucheng, Jiaoxi and other stations, then transfer to Yilan Jinhao.

2. Possible traffic congestion points and suggestions:

  1. Taiwan Line 2 Coastal Highway: Fulong and Dali sections are more likely to be congested at noon and return in the evening, such as the Fulong area (Old Caoling Tunnel, Fullon Hotel) and Dali area (Dali Tiangong Temple), it is recommended to avoid peak hours Or take public transportation.
  2. National Highway No. 5 Interchange: It is more likely to cause back congestion when going out at noon and returning in the evening. It is recommended to take Line 9 from Ercheng to Taipei in the direction of Taipei, and Line 9 from Pinglin Interchange in the direction of Yilan.
  3. The confluence section of Line 2 and Line 9 of the old station and Suhuagai: Congestion may occur in the confluence section of Line 2 and Line 2 of Suhuagai. It is recommended to pay attention to the traffic broadcast of the police and Guangzhou and the electronic signage along the way to avoid the congestion period.
  4. Source of real-time traffic information:
  1. Traffic control measures during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day consecutive holidays:
  • For information on high-load control measures , please visit the Expressway Bureau website .
  • Provincial highway control measures:
    • At the intersection of Taiwan Line 2 99k+300-103k and Taiwan 2C (Fulong Road Section), the police diverted traffic at the intersection and surrounding areas according to the situation, and adjusted the signal timing system. On the level road and expressway CMS near the Fulong section, the information of congestion in the section ahead is revealed in advance to remind passers-by. (This section is an alternative route of National Highway No. 5)
    • The police in the Dali Tiangongmiao section and Lanyang Museum section of Taiwan Line 2 conducted traffic at the intersection and surrounding traffic depending on the situation.
    • Taiwan 9 line 104k+131-113k+420 (Suhua reform road section) plan an alternative road, please go south, please Yilan County Police Department to plan the police to divert the traffic flow from State 5 Su-Ao Interchange Road, turn left to Masai Road, take Taiwan Line 2 Subin Road via Su Take the Gang Road to the left and transfer to Suhua to Hualien. Go north, ask the Yilan County Police Department to plan for the police to divert the traffic flow. Turn right at Suao end of Suhuagai Highway on Taiwan Line 9 to Sugang Road, then take Taiwan Line 2 through Lanyang Tunnel, and then from Taiwan Line 2 to Taipei.
    • For details, please go to the website of the General Administration of Highways .
Last Updated:2021-08-27