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Enjoy multiple discounts on public road transportation during the 110th Chinese New Year holiday

Date :2021-01-21
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You can enjoy a number of discounts on public road transportation during the Spring Festival holiday of 110. For details, please check the website of the State Highway Administration .
From 0:00 on February 9, 110 to 24:00 on February 16, 110
(1) The fare of 90 national highway passenger routes is discounted on weekdays or 15% off the original fare; another [Fidelity Project] Silver-haired people will take the northbound route from February 8 to 11 (New Year's Eve), February 12 ( Take the south route from the first day of the first day to the third day of the day, and enjoy a 25% discount on the original fare. (2) Half-price discounts for 43 Taiwan's best travel routes with e-tickets.
(3) Take the national highway passenger transport, Taiwan Railway, high-speed rail, transfer to local passenger transport within 10 hours to enjoy a free ticket or basic mileage.
(4) In the eastern region, holders of electronic tickets for highway passenger transport or urban passenger transport transfers, enjoy free discounts for basic mileage or one-stage ticket.
(5) The discount price of a single round-trip ticket for the Beihua Line National Highway is 400 yuan; another [Extra code discount for Eastern Spring Tour] will be purchased from February 13th (second day) to 15th (fourth day) in the east Value package tickets or local accommodation certificates can enjoy a free discount for 4 people travelling together on the Beiyi, Beihua, and Gaodong lines, and a refund of 200 yuan for the return trip (not repeatable with the car rental discount).
(6) Discounts on the Taipei-Hualien rail road combined transportation and the Taipei-Yilan high-speed rail road passenger transportation combined ticket discounts.
(7) Use the ticket stub for the Taipei-Yilan, Taipei-Hualien National Highway, and Gaodong direct temporary routes to rent a car from the designated car rental industry to enjoy discounts.
(8) "[1663] Nangang-Hualien" route cooperates with Klook, KKday and other channels to sell tickets, and also cooperates with travel agencies and hotels to offer travel or accommodation package discounts.

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Last Updated::2021-01-21