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Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Route

Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Route


Buses of the "Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Route" stop at 11 tourist spots as Yilan Bus Station, Yilan Railway Station, Zhuangwei Township Office, Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center,Houpi, Yongzhen Coastal Recreational Area, Dafu Beach Recreational Area, Toucheng Coastal Forest Park, Dakeng Viewing Deck, Wushi Port Bus Station and Toucheng Railway Station, one way driving taking about 90 min. This route is almost parallel to the No.2 Provincial Road, passing various landmarks in Yilan and linking Yilan’s coastal sceneries as a whole!

This route extends along the No. 7 Provincial Road through Yilan City area, passing popular scenic spots like Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center, Dakeng Viewing Deck, Toucheng Coastal Forest Park and Wushi Port, etc. Among them, the Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center, designed from the concept of green building by a famous architect, Mr. Huang Sheng-yuan, is intended to be integrated with Yilan’s characteristic landscape by maintaining the rolling scenes of sand dunes in Zhuangwei. Service facilities inside this brand new highlight of Yilan’s international charm include tourist center, exhibition space(s), multifunctional recreation area(s) and environmental education site(s), etc. Near the Lanyang Museum, whale-watching boats are available from Wushi Port stop to Guishan Island for exploring secret spots of Yilan. (Reference: The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle official website)

Transport info

1.Two sections of ticket fare are needed, NT20 for each section (2nd section starting from Yongzhen).
2.One-day Pass: NT60((unlimited rides on the same day)).
3.Where to buy:
(1) Ticket on Bus
(2) Exact fare (cash), easy card or ipass
(3) One-day Pass is available to purchase at Yilan Bus Station or Nankang Bus Station, Yuanshan Bus Station.
4. Special Ticket Offers
Service Hotline:
1.Kuokuang Motor Transport Service Line: 0800-010-138
2.Yilan Bus Station: 039-384171
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Nearby Scenic Spots

  • A 360 panoramic view of our facilities
Yilan Bus Station
Yilan Railway Station
Zhuangwei Township Office
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Toucheng Coastal Forest Park
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Toucheng Railway Station
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Last Updated::2020-06-11