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Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Route

Zhuangwei Sand Dunes Route


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Golden Fulong) takes visitor to travel between Ruifang Train Station and Fulong Visitor Center. Along the route, passengers can enjoy golden sunshine and blue ocean views. They are encouraged to try sailing and surfing, or take a walk through old Japanese houses and a mining site. Let’s embark on a journey with the bus!

Transport info

1.Two sections of ticket fare are needed, NT20 for each section (2nd section starting from Yongzhen).
2.One-day Pass: NT60((unlimited rides on the same day)).
3.Where to buy:
(1) Ticket on Bus
(2) Exact fare (cash), easy card or ipass
(3) One-day Pass is available to purchase at Yilan Bus Station or Nankang Bus Station, Yuanshan Bus Station.
4. Special Ticket Offers
Service Hotline:
1.Kuokuang Motor Transport Service Line: 0800-010-138
2.Yilan Bus Station: 039-384171
E-busKing Bus (Yilan)Taiwan Tourist Shuttle

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Last Updated::2019-11-29