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Wushi Port

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“Wushi” refers to a gigantic black coral reel rock in the port. Although today it is just a small-town fishery port, once it was the biggest port in Lanyang. Many merchants used to import and export everyday goods from here. Due to floods and silt, and that an American ship got stranded here in 1883, Wushi Port became so malfunctioned that it lost its glory.

After recent refurbishment, the new port serves as a tourist fishery port loved by many, while the old one becomes a conservation wetland. There is even the Wushi Fishery Port Direct Sales Center and a yacht port within the area. Visitors can savor delicious seafood while observing portside boats. What an “oceany” vacation to have! The smooth sand beach and open surfing zone make Wushi Port a paradise for surfers.

Travel info

Gangkou Road, Gangkou Neighborhood, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Opening Time:
open all year round
Free. To take a whale-watching boat, contact the legal whale-watching agencies nearby.

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Visitor center
  • Parking lot
  • Toilets

Accessible Facilities

  • Accessible Toilets


  1. From Toucheng Train Station, take a local bus
  2. King Bus: Green 18 (Zhuangwei-Shachiu) & 1766 (not available on weekends), or 1877 / Yilan Bus 131 🡪 Get off at Wushi Fishery Port Bus Terminal
  3. King Bus 1737 🡪 Get off at “Port Entrance”
Choose a means of transport according to your departure point

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Last Updated:2023-02-02

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