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Lanyang Museum

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The museum’s architectural inspirations come from the “single-faced mountain” and rock textures of of the Northeast Coast. As seasons change and the hours of a day move, the building seems to show varying colors. Looking at it from afar, the museum seems to rise out from under the water. The lake is peaceful like a mirror, reflecting the museum and a blue sky. Magnificent and graceful, the mesmerizing scene feels like a poem and a painting.

Integrated into nature, the museum site retains parts of the old Wushi Port Wetland as a haven for a variety of water-borne plants. The permanent exhibitions here are shown by a top-down order and based on its architectural characteristics: Mountain / Plain / Ocean / Time Corridor. A tour in the museum helps to learn Lanyang’s geography, nature and culture.

The greyish blue tiles and glass curtains on the museum’s exterior are perfect runways. With sunlight serving as natural spotlight, you will never be disappointed by the photos taken here, no matter the angle! The scenic observatory on the opposite side is also ideal for taking panoramic photos of the museum and its reflections on a clear, windless day. 

Travel info

No. 750, Sec. 3, Qingyun Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Opening Time:
Please visit the official website.
Please visit the official website.
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  1. From Toucheng Train Station, take a local bus
  2. King Bus: Green 18 (Zhuangwei-Shachiu) & 1766 (not available on weekends), or 1877 / Yilan Bus 131 🡪 Get off at Wushi Fishery Port Bus Terminal
Choose a means of transport according to your departure point
Last Updated:2024-03-22

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