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Whale and dolphin tours in Guishan Island

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Guishan Island was once listed as the world’s coolest island by “When on Earth,” a globally famous nature-themed website. Thus, if you are in the Northeast Coast, why not take a boat to visit this mysterious island off the shores of Yilan, staying away from summer heat! 

A total of 17 species of dolphins and whales can be spotted surrounding Guishan Island and there are many of them - mostly spinner dolphins, common bottlenose dolphins, pygmy killer whales, and false killer whales. The best time of a year for appreciating them in a year are: April - September. The super beautiful ocean water is not to be missed. Volcanic sea-bottom hot springs are the reason for ocean water to change - it looks silky as milk, but in a dreamlike, romantic blue color! Most whale and dolphin-watching tours include round-the-island sightseeing - this is your chance to appreciate in the island’s diverse geological formations and the wonderful nature.

The eight legendary views of Guishan Island are: sea-bottom hot springs, sulfur smoke on the island, “smart turtle wags its tail,” Glasses Cave, Turtle Cliff, Turtle Eggs, “turtle faces the sunrise,” and “divine turtle puts on a hat.”

Travel info

Toucheng Township, Yilan County , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opening Time:
The island is open from 9am to 5pm, March 1 – Nov. 30 annually (it is only open to schools students or academic groups for field trips or ecological camps on Wednesdays)
NT$100 per person including cleaning and facility maintenance fees.

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Toilets


(Wushi Port)

  1. From Toucheng Train Station, take a local bus
  2. King Bus: Green 18 (Zhuangwei-Shachiu) & 1766 (not available on weekends), or 1877 / Yilan Bus 131 🡪 Get off at Wushi Fishery Port Bus Terminal
  3. King Bus 1737, 1740, 1811 & 1812 🡪 Get off at “Port Entrance”
Choose a means of transport according to your departure point
Last Updated:2021-03-09

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