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Zhu’an River Outlet

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Zhu’an River Outlet is vast and open, and rice fields, fish ponds and swamps are all nearby. Fish farms are many in this area, and they mostly raise abalones, eels, and shrimps. The quiet, biodiverse wetland, where tides always bring fish, is also home to wild birds. At the turn of autumn and winter, when tens of thousands of migratory birds come to Taiwan, they like to take a rest here. Visitors can easily find them dabble in the water to find food, in a beautiful land with green mountains in the far distance. Zhu’an River Outlet is thus highly popular among bird-watchers.

The outlet is also ideal for watching sunrise. During this time in a day, the warm, bright sun casts itself on the river surface. Photographers like to capture such a beautiful scene here.

Travel info

Toucheng Town, Yilan County
Opening Time:
Open all year round
Admission is free


  1. E-land Bus 191 🡪 Get off at Zhu’an.
  2. King Bus 1790 🡪 Get off at Zhu’an.
Choose a means of transport according to your departure point
Last Updated:2023-02-02

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