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The Gongliao Abalone Mining and Cooking Competition in the Northeast is lively to welcome the arrival of the Gongliao Abalone production season

Date :2021-12-10
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"Gongliao Abalone" refers to the nine-hole and black plate abalone cultivated in Gongliao District, New Taipei City. It is the main season from November to March of the following year. It provides long-term demand for restaurants in the north and even all of Taiwan, and is an important feature of the northeast corner. One of the delicacies. In order to promote the food culture of fishing villages in the northeast corner and develop local tourism, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Tourism Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) combined the local operator-Xianwu Benpu, in December 110 On the 10th (Friday), the "Northeast corner of the Gongliao Abalone Mining Festival and Cooking Competition" will be held. In addition to the divers who went into the water and harvested the nine holes, it symbolized the arrival of the Gongliao abalone production season and also showed the participants on the scene the nine holes that had just been mined. The most important highlight is the difference between the common abalone and the common abalone. The event invites local groups to form 5 cooking competition teams to showcase the nine-hole homemade cooking skills that have been living in the northeast corner for a long time. The unique delicacy of nine-hole abalone is passed on to more people.

Gongliao Abalone Cooking Activities

This event also invited the head of the Gongliao District, the Secretary of the Gongliao Fishery Association, and the local chiefs to participate in the grand event. Ma Huida, Director of the Management Office of the Northeast Corner, said: "Sightseeing promotion is nothing more than boarding, lodging and shopping For the northeast corner of the region, tourism must not be out of touch with the local Gongliao abalone delicacies. This event is planned to be held, hoping to give everyone a different perspective on the cuisine of Jiukong and even the fishing village."

Gongliao abalone cuisine promotion

At the end of the event, about 200 people participating in the event took part in a tasting together. They filled out the ballots in their hands and put them in the ballot box. The team composed of Qiyuan Natural Cuisine won the championship. The team's cooking method used plums The sauce is brewed with wine to make a sauce, paired with moderately matured nine holes. The people on the scene said that the special flavor of sweet and sour with seafood makes people addicted to eating it, and they also want to cook it at home. In addition, the runners-up and third-placed teams used scallion-flavored five-flavored and garlic-flavored dry-fried cooking methods, which are easy to use and delicious cooking style, which is also memorable.

Contestants of Gongliao Abalone Cooking

Contestants of Gongliao Abalone Cooking

Contestants of Gongliao Abalone Cooking

Contestants of Gongliao Abalone Cooking

The original intention of this activity, in addition to promoting Gongliao abalone, also hopes to bring visitors to the seafood restaurant, another way to taste the local Gongliao abalone. Welcome to the northeast corner to play, and even those who drive by will be able to enjoy it in the local area. Buy fresh Gongliao abalone in well-packaged, and you can still reproduce the unique taste of the Northeast corner in a simple and convenient way after returning home.

The promotion of Gongliao abalone in the northeast corner was a complete success