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The Administration holds the sunrise-watching event to celebrate the New Year with people at the Northeast Coast, bathing in the first rays of the Sun of a year. New Year’s Eve goers can take a special New Year train to Fulong to continue with their celebrations. At Fulong Beach, a New Year sunrise music concert will be held from night to dawn, taking away all worries! When the first rays of the Sun come out, Buddhist masters from Ling Jiou Mountain will make bells chime and give people blessings. Let’s say “Happy New Year” to each other!

New Year Sunrise Celebrations
New Year Sunrise Celebrations

Light of Happiness in Fulong

What’s more, an artist light projection show will be held, making night-time Fulong dazzling and romantic. In fact, Fulong in the winter can still be joyous and warm. After taking a short break, on New Year’s Day, visitors may want go to nearby scenic spots, such as Old Caoling for a circular bicycle tour, a romantic trip to Sandiaojiao Lighthouse at Taiwan’s easternmost tip, and a LOHAS walk in Bitou Cape. These shall all make your New Year vacation fulfilling and fun!

  • Whispering Butterflies in a Sea of Flowers
    Whispering Butterflies in a Sea of Flowers
  • Light of Happiness in Fulong
    Light of Happiness in Fulong

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Last Updated::2019-10-18