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Su’ao Port

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Located at one end of Lanyang Tunnel, Su’ao Port is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with its eastern side facing the Pacific Ocean. Protected by Nanfang’ao and Beifang’ao, it is an outstanding natural bay.

Su’ao Port feels like an otherworldly place in the spring and the summer when the ocean is in peace. Boats quietly go in and out, and after sunset hours the port becomes especially graceful with boat lights sparkling here and there. To immerse in such a mesmerizing scene, go to one of the following places: Suhua Highway and Paotaishan where one can see the port’s long capes like a crab’s pincers, as well as Qixing Mountain by the port which has a trail that leads to the top. At the mountain top, to the south, one can overlook the impressive bay. to the north, one can find Guishan Island and the graceful Lanyang Plain. The views are open and pleasant to the eyes. 

Travel info

No. 1, Port District, Suao Town, Yilan County
Opening Time:
Open all year round

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Parking lot


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Last Updated:2021-03-09