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Wuwei Port Waterbird Conservation Area

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Wuwei Port is actually not a port, but coastal wetland. Originally the end of a river located southeast of Lanyan Plain, it became silted with time, and thus named “Wuwei,” literally meaning “tailless” in Mandarin. The 102-hectare wetland hosts a wide range of water plants and animals. Many migratory birds also come here to find food and shelter in the winter. In 1993, the government made Wuwei Port the first waterbird conservation area in Taiwan.

More than 170 bird species have appeared here, including waterbirds and mountain birds. Starting from November, thousands of wild geese and ducks pop up, mostly Eurasian teals, followed by Indian spot-billed ducks and northern shovelers. In the paddy fields and fish ponds nearby, all sorts of sandpipers and charadriidae birds can be found. In forests and crop fields, common birds are many. At Xincheng River Outlet, rare transit and vagrant birds can be spotted. The highly diverse avian ecology makes the area a bird-watching sanctuary. If you feel like taking pictures of the graceful, lovely waterbirds, do go to bird-watching huts and quietly wait for a right time for doing so.

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No. 137, Lingjiao Road, Su'ao Township, Yilan County
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Open all year round

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King Bus 1797 → Get off at Gangbian Neighborhood.

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Last Updated:2021-03-09