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Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society

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Founded by Master Hsin Tao, Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society overlooks the area from mountain top. Visitors can appreciate the Northeast Coast, Sunrise and Sunset panoramically from here.

Lin Jiou Mountain’s gate is characterized by a pair of eagle’s eyes, i.e. “heavenly eyes.” The rock pillars on the two sides are adorned with the world’s religious totems. Upon entrance, visitors will first find  a 12m-tall bronze Goddess of Mercy statue whose face is dark and body golden. Solemn, it makes believers feel in awe. Walking on, visitors will pass by Wenxi Hall, visitors’ hall, Huazanghai Hall, and Buddha’s Hall. The 500 Arhats Path is known for the Arhat stone statues on its sides, and each statue has a different facial expression. The main hall is built with red tiles and stone plates, and it worships Taiwan’s only jaded-face lying Buddha. At the back, there is a hiking trail that leads to top of Laolan Mountain. What’s more, the site is surrounded by 53 Buddhist pagodas named the “Sarira Forest”. In autumn, Ling Jiou Mountain even provides the unique scene of “pagodas amidst silver grass”.

Standing at the middle of Laolan Mountain, Ling Jiou Mountain takes pride in the mesmerizing views of Fulong coasts and the Pacific Ocean afar, as well as the beautiful scenery of Bitou Cape and Sandiao Cape at a close distance. Embraced by mountains and the sea, Ling Jiou Mountain looks graceful. It is a sanctuary for Buddhist in northern Taiwan, where they can find peace of mind and cultivate a good temperament.

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No. 7-1, Xianglan Street, Gongliao District, New Taipei City

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By bus: Please dial 02-24991100 #3515 or 3516 to make a reservation first. Take the shuttle bus at the bus stop near by Fulong convenience store.

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Last Updated:2021-03-09