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Longdong Bay Hiking Trail

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As its name “Longdong” suggests, the area’s rocks look like a giant dragon crouching on strange rocks. And the bayside trail links up Northeast Coast’ two largest capes – the 6 million-year-old Bitou Cape and the 35 million-year-old Longdong Cape. Each cape has a unique history and yet they are just as attractive.

The trail begins at Xilingyan Temple. In a few minutes’ time, visitors can reach a scenic platform for watching the sea, listening to sounds of waves, and appreciating strange rocks. In just two or three hours, you might feel you have traveled across tens of thousands of years here. Learning about the power of time and crustal movements is fun, and a mountain hike which boasts mesmerizing views of nature along the coasts is soothing. If you have time, do visit Lailai Geological Zone, a place beyond the limits of time and space, filled with impressive old hard rocks. 

Travel info

Southern Longdong Bay, Northeast Coast
Opening Time:
Open all year round

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Toilets


  1. Golden Fulong 856 of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Keelung Bus → Get off at Longdong Four Seasons Bay.
  2. Keelung Bus 791 → Get off at Longdong South Entrance Ocean Park.
  3. Keelung Bus 886 → Get off at Longdong South Entrance Ocean Park.
  4. Bus F837 or F839 → Get off at Longdong South Entrance Ocean Park.
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Last Updated:2023-02-02

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