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During the national epidemic alert period, the department's online application for video recording and venue borrowing instructions

Date :2021-08-06
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The film and television crews apply to the department for the review of the filming and venue rental cases

1. The Ministry of Culture announced on July 26, 110 to amend the "Management Measures for Epidemic Prevention in Film and Television Crew Shooting", and it took effect on July 27, 110. Please pay attention to the applicants and refer to the latest announcement on compliance with the various epidemic prevention management measures of the Ministry of Culture ( URL link ).

2. In response to the control measures implemented by the national alert for severe and special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19), this department only applies for filming of outdoor attractions that have been opened to the outside world, and does not provide applications and rentals for sites that remain closed.

3. Regarding the film crew (referring to all kinds of groups and individuals that need to film "videos or images for public broadcast") to apply for the review of filming and venue rental cases to this department, please go to the filming application website and venue loan application of this department The application is processed on the website, and those who apply for shooting should upload the following materials when applying for work:

1. Anti-epidemic safety rules (guidelines).

2. Film and television crew shooting and epidemic prevention measures self-check list.

Video recording application website

Site Borrowing Application Website

3. The health declaration of the personnel involved in the filming, as well as the health management documents of high-risk persons such as quick screening, negative PCR test, or vaccination record of more than 14 days, please email to the contractor of this department within three days before the filming date.

Last Updated:2021-08-06