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The old Caoling Tunnel in the northeast corner was preserved and revitalized, and won the 2020 ITB Berlin Travel Exhibition Green Tourism Destination Award - Asia Pacific Best Tourism Destination Award -

Date :2020-03-12
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The Northeast Corner and Yilan Coastal National Scenic Area Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) was awarded the 2020 World's Best Ten by ITB Berlin and the Green Destinations Foundation (Green Destinations Foundation) for its case of preservation and revitalization of the old Caoling Tunnel. The Sustainable Destinations Awards-2020 Best of Asia-Pacific Award (Sustainable Destinations Awards-2020 Best of Asia-Pacific Award), announced the list of winners on March 4, 109 Berlin time, originally scheduled for 4 pm on the same day, The award ceremony was held in the Funkturm auditorium of the world's largest commercial Berlin travel exhibition (ITB Berlin). Due to the impact of the Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic, the award ceremony was canceled. The 2020 Green Tourism Destination Awards Ceremony held in Bodrum, Turkey officially presented the awards to the winners.

Last year's award categories include: ITB Earth Award, Best Culture and Community Award, Best Nature Award, Best Ecotourism Award, Best Tourist Destination Award in Europe, Best Tourist Destination Award in Americas, Best Tourism Award in Asia Pacific Destination Award, Destination Africa Region Award, Best City Award and Best Coast Award. Last year, the ITB Earth Award was won by the Republic of Palau, Taiwan's ally, the best city award was won by Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and the best tourist destination award in the Asia-Pacific region was won by Nepal's Received from Bardia National Park.

This year (2020), the Northeast Corner Management Office won the Best Tourist Destination Award in the Asia-Pacific region with the theme of "Turning an Old Train Tunnel into a Cycling Track", and shared the cultural preservation, restoration and reuse of the old Caoling Tunnel by the Northeast Corner Management Office as a cycling track and a 20-kilometer circular line extending to the coastline, connecting the sightseeing line to the surrounding fishing villages, promoting local community culture and traditional tourism practices, and allowing international friends to know the old Caoling Tunnel for nearly 20 years. The general situation of the development of the local economy and cultural environment in sustainable tourism development and the sustainable development plan for the next stage of the region.

From 1999 to 2008, the old Caoling Tunnel was re-opened after the joint efforts of all units to preserve, repair and reuse. In the past 10 years, the number of visitors to the tunnel is about 270,000 per year. The increase in the number of visitors brings economic development to the community. How to maintain tourism? Balance with community life, bringing qualitative improvement to green tourism destinations and avoiding the negative impact of over tourism will be the goal of the next stage of green tourism destination efforts in the northeast corner. Beginning in 2020, the Northeast Point Management Office will aim to promote the sustainable promotion of "commercial and tourism services" in the area, promote the basic norms of international sustainable tourism to industry players in the area, and guide willing operators to enter the operation of international sustainable tourism guidelines. Director Chen Meixiu of the Northeast Corner Management Office said: "The Management Office encourages tourism operators in the area to connect with the international green tourism supply chain and follow the sustainable tourism guidelines formulated by the GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Committee. Last year (2019), Toucheng Farm Leisure Hotel, Long Earthen B&B has successively obtained CU-GSTC hotel certification, and Fulong Beiyue Hotel has also obtained BSI British Standards Institution carbon emission certification in 2018. The management office will seek cooperation with relevant international sustainable labels in the future, aiming at convenience stores in the area Shops, bicycle shops, restaurants, store exhibition halls, etc., to promote international sustainable tourism practices, and gradually improve the service quality of green tourism destinations in the Northeast Scenic Area.”

We look forward to working together to create an increasingly sustainable green tourist destination, allowing tourists to come to the old Caoling Tunnel in the Fulong area, not only to feel the local coastal ecological environment and cultural heritage, but also to allow tourists to rent bicycles, eat, Shopping, etc. can feel the enthusiasm and efforts of regional operators to jointly maintain the environment and promote culture.

Sustainable tourism has been a growing global market trend in the past decade. 2020 is the third year that ITB Berlin, the world's largest business travel exhibition (ITB Berlin), has cooperated with green tourism destinations. The world's top ten green tourism destinations are selected by international judges every year. Tourism Destinations, awarded at the Berlin Business Travel Exhibition, will commend innovative and excellent sustainable tourism management practice destinations and travel operators to encourage tourism operators to pursue higher-quality, attractive and sustainable tourism products.

Last Updated:2023-01-09