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Toucheng Farm

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Leaning against mountains and facing the sea, hundred-hectare Toucheng Farm is characterized by three rivers, Ping River, Taozilin River, and the Big River. The farm is also blessed with a verdant forest, green makino bamboos, and hillside fruit trees. Toucheng Farm even keeps farm animals such as turkeys, rabbits, and chickens. There is also a rice field for visitors to explore. The farm is not only  a “classroom in nature,” but also a “natural playground.” Visitors young and old are encouraged to take a farming session, picking fruits, harvesting bamboos, and catching clams and shrimps. Star-watching tours are also available. Immerse in the simple charm of the countryside and stay away from the bustles and hustles of everyday life!

Travel info

No.125-1, Gengxin Road, Toucheng Township, Yilan County
Opening Time:
Open all year round (Information services: 08:30-17:30)

Services and facilities

General facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Toilets

Muslim-friendly facilities

  • Prayer Room

Accessible Facilities

  • Accessible Toilets
  • Accessible Parking


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Last Updated:2021-03-09

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