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360-degree panoramic views

  • Daxi Fishery Port
    Daxi Fishery Port

    Close to Guishan Island’s fishing area, Daxi Fishery Port produces lots of fish and is highly recommended by locals.

  • Haichao Park of Beiguan
    Haichao Park of Beiguan

    Haichao Park is located in small-town Toucheng of the Northeast Coast. It boasts magnificent mountain and ocean formations, includ...

  • Wai’ao Service Area
    Wai’ao Service Area

    Designed by renowned architect Kris Yao, the yellow building looks like a parachute and a big boat. Its modern exterior has many i...

  • Photography competition entries
    Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center

    Covering 4.48hectares of land, Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center brings together Yilan’s natural sand-dune landscape and archite...

  • Tofu Cape Leisure Area
    Tofu Cape Leisure Area

    Tofu Cape is a small, graceful bay in Nanfangao. Its unique tofu-shaped geological formations have drawn many to appreciate its be...

  • Nangfang’ao Scenic Platform
    Nangfang’ao Scenic Platform

    Adapted from a parking lot, the platform is located at 5.5K, Provincial Highway 9D. 140 meters above the sea level, the platform i...

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