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360-degree panoramic views

  • Nanya Rocks
    Nanya Rocks

    Nanya Geological Hiking Trail is an ideal beginning of a geological adventure in the Northeast Coast. Since the coasts here are st...

  • Bitou Longdong Geopark
    Bitou Longdong Geopark

    All visitors are cordially invited to learn about the area’s geology at this natural outdoor geopark!

  • Another photography competition entries
    Bitou Cape Hiking Trail

    Many tourists like to take photos along Bitou Cape Hiking Trail and upload them to their Facebook pages. Indeed, with just a small...

  • Longdong Bay Hiking Trail(Photography competition entries)
    Longdong Bay Hiking Trail

    As its name “Longdong” suggests, the area’s rocks look like a giant dragon crouching on strange rocks. And the b...

  • Longdong Four Seasons Bay(Photography competition entries)
    Longdong Four Seasons Bay

    The white building feels dreamlike, romantic and passionate. Featuring views of strange rocks and beautiful coasts, visitors from ...

  • Jinsha Bay
    Jinsha Bay Coastal Park

    Situated right beside a coastal highway between Longdong and Aodi, Jinsha Bay can easily be missed if not looking carefully. At th...

  • Blue Bay Coastal Leisure Area
    Blue Bay Coastal Leisure Area

    Extending as far as 3 kilometers, the golden beach of Blue Bay Coastal Leisure Area can be reached easily by bicycle via a coastal...

  • Fulong Beach
    Fulong Beach

    For the annually-held Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, sand artists from around the world make fine sculptures on Ful...

  • Sandiaojiao Lighthouse
    Sandiaojiao Lighthouse

    Curiously named San Diego in the old days, Sandiaojiao is located at the easternmost tip of Taiwan. Thus, it is famous for owning ...

  • Lailai Geological Zone
    Lailai Geological Zone

    The strange rocks and other geological formations are awe-inspiring. The neat rows of black rocks are known far and near as &ldquo...

  • Caoling Historic Trail: The Season of Silver Grass
    Caoling Historic Trail

    The 8.5-kilometer Caoling Historic Trail is a highly popular hiking path in the Northeast Coast. Located between Yuanwangkeng of N...

  • Taoyuan Valley
    Taoyuan Valley

    A vast open prairie extending as far as three kilometers, in early days, children liked to play and bring cattle here. Today, Taoy...

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