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The first scenic spot in East Asia to receive the "Green Tourism Destination Gold Award"

Date :2021-01-07
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The Management Office of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Management Office) passed the dual auditor inspection of the Dutch Green Tourism Destination Foundation on December 29, 2020, and obtained the "Green Tourism Destination Gold Award" certification. The first tourist destination in East Asia to obtain the "Green Destinations Gold Award" (Green Destinations Gold Award).

After obtaining the silver award certification in 2018, the Northeast Scenic Area has targeted six sustainability indicators for green tourism destinations: 1. Sustainable management of tourist destinations; 2. Nature and landscape; 3. Environment and climate; 4. Culture And traditions; 5. Residents and social welfare; 6. Commercial and tourism services. A total of 100 standards are insufficient for the development of action plans, with particular emphasis on the strengthening of sustainable management and monitoring mechanisms, and strengthening of local interest-related groups Communication, in addition to conducting systematic ecological surveys for key areas in the region, monitoring solid waste with more accurate weighing methods, and resident satisfaction surveys, etc., in 2020, it will cooperate with the international GTG Good Travel Guide platform. , With the international green marketing network and the GTS Green Travel Seal tool, small and medium-sized enterprises in the region (such as restaurants, souvenir sales, cafes, hotels, homestays and educational pavilions, etc.) can also have the opportunity to pass Systematic monitoring is synchronized with the Northeast Corner Management Office to integrate the global sustainable tourism spirit from paper into daily operations.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, the global tourist population has declined by 75%-80%. UNWTO has put forward the "Seven Priorities for the Restoration of the Tourism Industry", the seventh of which is "Innovation and sustainability as the new normal" (Innovation and Sustainability as the new normal)”, calling on all countries to redefine tourism carrying capacity and carry out effective tourism destination management, and establish a more sustainable and responsible tourism department through strengthening local value and supporting tourism monitoring data. The impact of this global epidemic will also accelerate the world's implementation and requirements for the sustainability of the tourism industry.

Director Chen Meixiu of the Northeast Management Office stated that since the Northeast Management Office has been following the goal of the Global Sustainable Tourism Guidelines since 2016, it races against itself every year. In terms of total volume control, Guishan Island in the region has been implemented since the opening of 2000. The total amount control plan has been formulated, and the "Guishan Island Eco-tourism Operation Management Essentials" has been formulated, and the trail system on the island, the landing registration system and the adjustment of the total number of landings, etc., are gradually improved through communication with stakeholders. Under the current situation of explosive tourism, tourism can still effectively reduce the environmental disturbance caused by tourism. According to the investigation of Taiwan flying foxes on Guishan Island by scholars commissioned by the Forest Service, the number of flying foxes on Guishan Island has shown an increasing trend compared with 101. The Management Office also started to conduct regional ecological surveys in 2018 and cooperated with the Ocean Commission to monitor cetaceans and dolphins, with [implementation of monitoring and rolling review] as an important principle for the sustainable management of the Northeast Management Office.

Director Chen Meixiu further stated that in the face of the preparation period for the restart of the international tourism industry, in response to the establishment of the Greater Northeast Corner Tourism Circle, the Northeast Corner Management Office will continue to follow the principle of sustainability step by step to manage the destination area (Destinations). As the engine driving the sustainable development of the green industry, in the post-epidemic tourism era, the integration of green tourism products in the region, and the integration of innovation and tradition will become the norm for the tourism industry in the Greater Northeast.

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Last Updated:2021-01-12