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[Fulong Sand Sculpture Season is coming to an end, miss to wait another year! Even if you leave, come to the northeast corner and have a small tour of Danlan Qiumang]

Date :2020-09-22
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In the last three weeks of the 2020 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season, the number of visitors during the event has exceeded 180,000. It survived the strong peripheral circulation brought by the two typhoons in September. The "Giant's Dreamwalking World" Sand Sculpture Exhibition will last nearly 4 The month’s exhibition is also coming to an end. Grasp the last opportunity to see the exhibition. In addition to high-level international works, there are also good events waiting for you. From now until 9/30, in order to encourage tourists to Fulong local businesses Spend and attract the crowds of Fulong Sand Sculpture Season. As long as you spend more than 200 yuan at a local Fulong merchant, you will be sent to see the sand sculptures for free. Come to Fulong and feel the holiday atmosphere of the international bay!

And to welcome the upcoming October continuous holiday of the national travel plan, the Northeast Corner and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Northeast Corner Management Office) is not only the Fulong Sand Sculpture Season, but also the surrounding scenic spots are full of tourists. The itinerary must be recommended to all the people in Taiwan. Among them, the most recent hiking on the Tamlan Trail is also the best choice for hiking and outing. Climb the Caoling Trail to appreciate the beauty of the trail, and then go up to Taoyuan Valley to see the beauty of the entire Yilan Coast. As if walking on a path of history and feeling the interweaving of humanity and nature, the Northeast Management Office also specially planned the "My Tamlan North Road" stamp gathering. From now until November 15, visitors can visit the official website "Northeast Corner Ecological Trail Zone" print out the card and collect the stamps along the route, you can go to the Fulong Visitor Center or the Dali Activity Center to participate in the lottery!

The Northeast Management Office integrates all sightseeing spots in the area and carries out tour packaging promotion. With Fulong as the center, it is surrounded by various marine and mountain forest eco-tourism sites, as well as rich cultural landscapes and cultural characteristics. In addition to the familiar Caoling Bicycle Loop, Bitou Cape Lighthouse, Sandiao Cape Lighthouse, Lailai Sea Erosion Landscape... etc. The 100-year-old Mao'ao and Magang Fishing Villages also launched the "Magang Memory Life Museum" activity, from now until November 22 Every Saturday and Sunday, you can go to Magang to appreciate the 150-year-old fishing village culture. From stone houses to the footprints of the harem, the northeast corner not only has the magnificent natural landscape of the international level, but also adds the warmth of history and culture. In addition to the reappearance of the historical trajectory, the Bintou Corner Tingtao Camp, which was transformed into an abandoned military barracks, has been transformed into a Tingtao Cafe' since November last year. With brightly painted layouts, everything from stairs to walls is a super beautiful photo check-in spot. Ordering a cup of coffee with the scenery between the mountains and the sea is one of the tourist hotspots that cannot be missed. In addition, the Magang Observation Deck Art Gallery Cafe opened in September. Visitors are welcome to take a bike ride to the northeast corner or take a break here when visiting Mao'ao and Magang areas to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the sea and sky.

During the 2020 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season, a thoughtful free shuttle service for rehabilitation (reservation required) is provided. The connection route is divided into the exhibition route and the nostalgic route, which is convenient for the public to choose according to their needs. Details about the event Please go to the official website of the event for inquiries

The Northeast Management Office reminds visitors to cooperate with the command center in the recent implementation of a new life for epidemic prevention and lively life. It is hoped that the public can rest assured that they can participate in various activities while maintaining personal epidemic prevention measures (washing hands frequently, being unable to maintain social distance, and wearing masks when taking public transportation). Outdoor activities, together to establish a safe travel environment.

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Last Updated::2020-09-24