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Northeast Cape New Tourism Network Revised, Smart Tourism and Innovative Application Services Upgraded

Date :2019-11-07
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In order to enhance the e-tourism network to serve the new climate, the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office has newly revised the tourism network ( with the design goal of "action first" Developed with "RWD / Responsive" technology to meet cross-platform, multi-browsing services, in line with the current trend of mobile network applications, starting with tourists as the center, integrating "food and lodging shopping" in the northeast corner jurisdiction to provide domestic and foreign tourists One-stop new smart travel service.

Website is APP Smart Travel

The most important thing for starting a tour is "Where to go? What to eat? Where to live? How to go?" The brand-new Northeast Tourism Network is designed to meet the needs of tourists. It follows the thinking of international travel websites and introduces "one-stop / "One-Stop-Service" data integration and concatenated applications bring tourists the friendliest, most convenient and smartest query service.

Highlight 1: Mobile positioning + big data + smart broadcast

Regardless of any vehicle, as long as the tourists activate GPS positioning, enter the website and then start the "exclusive personal service". The system actively pushes and sends three major tourist information, including "attractions / festivals / events", and the information is transmitted at zero distance. The service can easily swim in the northeast corner.

Highlight 2: Personalize the Google Calendar travel itinerary

Can the usual Google Calendar be turned into a travel notebook? !! Visitors can add information about favorite attractions, festivals, and food merchants on the website to Google Calendar with one click, and arrange their own unique play routes before the trip. Tourists can refer to the map at any time, map navigation will take you away, and they can share the journey with their travel companions. Make travel planning easy with tandem services!

Integrate the "Golden Fulong Line" and "Zhuangwei Dune Line" good station resources all the way to the northeast corner

In the Good Travel Fun Zone, the two major good travel routes in Taiwan-"Golden Fulong Line" and "Zhuangwei Sand Dune Line" are fully introduced, and the services of nearby attractions and accommodation businesses are integrated. The system automatically calculates the distance between points and plans The itinerary is so convenient, you can enjoy the classic tour of the Northeast corner without driving!

Long-distance tour mode

Can you imagine that you can see the famous world-class attraction-Nanya Qiyan at home? The major northeast corner attractions are newly shooting 360-degree VR panoramic images, and new aerial photos are added! Through the website, you can "distance tour" the famous sights in the northeast corner, such as the Caoling Ancient Road, the Magang intertidal zone, and the Zhuangwei Sand Dune Tourist Service Park.

Welcome old rain and new knowledge to the new version of the “Northeast Corner of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and the Tourism Bureau of Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration” to experience intelligent and innovative services online, and follow the brand-new tourism and tourism network to play the Northeast corner in depth. It will also be in the Northeast corner from November. In the flowering season of the Cao Ling Ancient Road, everyone is welcome to enjoy the good autumn autumn time in the northeast corner, experience the amazing mountain and sea scenery, and the local humanistic style.

From now until December 1st, "New Website Satisfaction Survey" will be held. As long as you enter the new version of the official website and fill out the questionnaire, and on the "Friends of Northeast Corner" fan page ( / ) After completing the screenshot message, you can participate in the lucky draw and have the opportunity to get beautiful gifts!

The new version of the website provides a one-stop new smart tourism service for domestic and foreign touristsCelebrate the new revision of the website

Last Updated::2019-11-07