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2023 Northeast Corner Welcomes the Dawn Wai Ao micro-fermentation table activity

Date :2022-12-29
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Micro-fermentation dining table, healing band, exclusive design commemorative card to accompany you to greet the first dawn in the northeast corner

The countdown to 2022 is about to begin, and the northeast corner will also usher in the first golden light that awakens the coastal mountain cities, becoming a popular tourist attraction for travelers. ) is also ready to go this year, launching the "Waiao (Waiao) Shuguang Yinglang-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Table" event in the Waiao service area of Yilan Toucheng to welcome the first day of the new year with a form full of local characteristics and rich sense of ceremony Daoguang invites travelers to go to Waiao Beach in the early morning of January 1, 2023, and enjoy a beautiful march of smiles together.

Located in the Waiao Service Area within the jurisdiction of the Northeast Corner Management Office, it enjoys a unique view, and "Waiao Shuguang Yinglang-Northeast Corner Micro-fermented Table" is a unique welcome event exclusive to the Northeast Corner. The outdoor beach area will set up a "micro-fermented dining table" experience area, supplemented by lighting and floral decorations. This time, the meal is specially developed in cooperation with local brands "Bulb Fish Dessert Studio" and "Wai'ao No. 9 Coffee" to integrate into Yilan. Wine winery micro-fermented bread ingredients design. We will accompany tourists to enjoy the cozy Northeast corner with a smile and eat light.

In the prelude to the event, the string trio "Shadow of the Dawn Tree" brought out the artistic conception of chasing light and shadow with the intertwined melody of the violin; and then the popular singer Zhizhi-Guo Zhiyin and Gong De, the king of the forest, brought the exciting song "Chasing the Waves" with their soulful voices. ", the ups and downs in the lyrics symbolize the encounters in different stages of life and encourage people to move forward bravely. The micro-fermented dining table and beautiful light are continued by the Oneness Sonic Healing Orchestra, which uses hand plates, zithers, crystal bowls, crystal harps, Australian woodwinds, singing bowls... and other diverse forms to deduce a fresh, natural and elegant exotic The mysterious music style, praying to connect the spirit of heaven and earth, the universe, and all things in nature, will lead the people at the scene to return to the peace and joy of the soul.

In addition, the Waiao Shuguangyinglang‧Northeast Corner micro-fermented dining table series activities have prepared a variety of event sharing gifts, looking forward to sealing up the New Year’s touch with the public, and collecting the imprint of happiness belonging to the Northeast Corner, "Thousand copies of admission Gift "Morning Micro-fermentation-Golden Jujube Wine Leaf Bread, "Thousands of Punching Gifts" New Year's Blessing-Tiger Monument Cake, "112 Limited Warmth First Delivery" Qingshui Geothermal Experience Voucher, and "Guishan Asahi Greeting the Sun" three-dimensional Commemorative postcards, full of various experience activities with a sense of ritual, we will warmly welcome the first dawn of 2023 with the people of the whole country!

Activity process planning:

On January 1, 112, Waiao Dawn Meets the Waves - Micro-fermentation Table in the Northeast Corner

time journey
05:00~05:20 Dawn Tree Shadow/ Beach Light Music
05:20~05:40 Hold Music / String Trio
05:40~06:10 Squeaky Guo Zhiyin ft. Gong De
06:10~06:20 Speeches by the Chief Executive and VIPs
06:20~06:40 Shuguangyinglang‧Northeast Corner Micro-fermentation Table Oneness Sonic Healing Orchestra
06:40~07:00 Hold Music / String Trio
07:00~07:20 Oneness Sonic Healing Orchestra
Last Updated:2022-12-29