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Honeymoon Bay

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Daxi is known for a long moon-shaped bay and a crystal-clear blue sea. It is ideal for dating and thus called “Honeymoon Bay.” Many like to take a romantic walk on this fine, soft beach, play with pebbles on the water, or chase “devil crabs.”

Honeymoon Bay is characterized by many reef rocks. Only a small part of the bay is filled with soft sands. The scenery here is beautiful and visitors can feel free to play in the water. The bay is expansive and just a few hundred meters away the ocean floor is quite rugged. This results in waves up to 2 or 3 meters high. The bay is thus popular among surfers. Every summer, a national surfing contest is held, and extreme sports players come here to take part.

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1. King Bus 1737, 1740, 181, and 1812 🡪 Get off at Jiaoliao.

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Last Updated::2020-11-26