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Aodi-Fulong [Reading Micro Landscape Eco-tourism Training Course] Registration is now open‼ ️

Date :2024-06-16
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✨Read the micro-landscape ecotourism training course✨
‼ ️Registration now‼ ️
⚠️If you are interested, please sign up quickly, the deadline is 6/17!
【Participating objects】
Are willing to promote micro-landscape eco-tourism in the "Aodi, Longmen, Gongliao, and Fulong" regions:
(1) Local people (residing in Aodi, Longmen, Fulong, Gongliao, Shuangyu, Maao, Magang and other communities)
(2) Community guides, cultural and historical workers, local regeneration teams, etc.
(3) Local food, accommodation and travel shopping stores
(4) Northeast corner tour guide volunteers
(5) People from society who are willing to participate in guided tours and explanations of this area [Indoor courses: 5 classes, 10 hours]
6/18 (Tue), 6/19 (Wednesday), 6/25 (Tue), 6/26 (Wednesday), 6/28 (Friday), 2013
18:00-20:00 in the evening
Venue: Aodi No. 1 Citizen Activity Center [Consensus Meeting]
6/5 (Wednesday), 7/10 (Wednesday), 7/31 (Wednesday) 18:30-20:30 pm
Venue: Aodi No. 1 Citizen Activity Center [Outdoor Practice Drill] 9/3 (Tuesday), 9/6 (Friday)
[Study fee] Free (no meals provided)
[Registration time] From June 6, 2013 to June 17, 2013 [Registration link]: Link

Aodi-Fulong Reading Micro Landscape Eco-tourism Training Course 1Aodi-Fulong Reading Micro Landscape Ecotourism Training Course 2

Last Updated:2024-06-16