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2024 Fulong Life Festival × Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season opens with bicycles, sand sculptures, and concerts to experience the charm of Fulong life

Date :2024-05-31
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opening ceremony

In order to promote the Fulong tourism experience, the Northeastern Corner of the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office launched Fulong Life Festival brand activities with Fulong as the core, ranging from bicycle tours, theme music feasts to mountain and sea tours by local merchants. The market leads the public to deeply experience the natural scenery and life charm of Fulong; celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office, the "Fulong Life Festival × Fulong International" will be held today (5/31) The opening event of "Sand Sculpture Art Season" will arrange the opening performance of the well-known girl group "Future Girls" - "Purple Moonlight", and the passionate dance will kick off the event. Fulong Visitor Center also holds the Great Northeast Corner Sightseeing Circle Market to display exhibitions and sales. The industrial charm of the Great Northeast Corner Sightseeing Circle, as well as the "Lixin. Northeast Corner - 40th Anniversary Image Retrospective Exhibition" (exhibited until 6/10), allow the public to experience the wonderful journey experience of Fulong and Northeast Corner from the moment they enter Fulong. Welcome Friends from all over the country come to Fulong to visit the northeast corner in depth, enjoy the International Sand Sculpture Art Season, and taste the charm of local slow life.

opening act

Group photo at the celebration

Check-in wall at the northeast corner of Lixin

Old photo curation

Image exhibition

40th Anniversary Photo Exhibition: (middle) former director of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport Xu Wensheng, (right) director of the North Coast and Guanyin Mountain National Scenic Area Management Office Chen Yuchuan of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport

Director Secretary of the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transport, Fang Zhengguang, said that in recent years, the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transport has continued to promote bicycle tourism, leading tourists to deeply experience the charm of local tourism through riding bicycles, and promoting low-carbon tourism resources in various regions. The Northeast Corner has unique coastal landscapes, rich natural ecology and rich history and culture. The Northeast Corner Management Office has long promoted sustainable tourism and has been selected as one of the top 100 green destinations in the world for 8 consecutive years; Fulong Life Festival, Fulong International Sand Sculpture The Art Season is an annual summer event in Fulong. This year, through a series of themed activities such as bicycle tours, concerts and markets, the public is encouraged to take the train to Fulong and ride various bicycle routes such as the Old Caoling Circular Line and Gongliao Shuangxi Line. Feel the most authentic features of Fulong's scenic spots. This year coincides with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Northeast Point Management Office. We look forward to continuing to showcase Fulong and Northeast Point regional tourism through theme brand activities and the joint efforts of industry partners in the Greater Northeast Point Sightseeing Circle in the future. Highlights to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to travel.

Ministry of Transport Tourism Administration Secretary Fang Zhengguang

This year (113), the "Fulong Life Festival" continues to focus on bicycle tourism, and promotes a series of themed activities in the Fulong area in the form of "monthly themes, fun weekends", including bicycle-themed rides and grass waves. A series of activities including concerts, mountain and sea markets, etc. During the event, there will also be Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Season - "Line Friends" themed sand sculptures (5/31-10/13). Visitors can start from Fulong and experience the most beautiful coastal beaches. Scenery, best memories of life experience! In addition, this year, we will recruit special stores in conjunction with local business districts. Anyone who spends 500 yuan or more at the special stores during the event period can log in online and fill out the event form with an invoice or receipt to participate in the lottery and win prizes. Rich items such as Gogoro electric motorcycles, double rooms at Fullon Hotel, and many exquisite local gifts are waiting for you to take home.

Group photo

Group photo

Featured merchants


Bicycle theme ride

For this bicycle tour, you can register online and plan to arrange 2 rides with a total of 10 rides: the elementary version - Jiucaoling Coastal Fishing Village Line and the advanced version - Gongliao Shuangxi Town Story Line. Using a bicycle tour combined with guided tours, you can enjoy the beautiful coastline in the northeastern corner, the old Caoling Tunnel, the Far East-Santiaojiao Lighthouse, and the Longmen Suspension Bridge along the way. You can go deep into the local coastal towns, enjoy the rural customs, and taste the local scenery. Flavors, among which the junior version - Jiu Caoling Coastal Fishing Village Line has launched a special version - Seafood Feast, through the ingenuity of the mothers of the Maao Fishing Village Association, seafood dishes are presented in a novel buffet dining way, allowing the public to experience a different experience from the past Delicacies from mountains and sea. You can also go deep into the mountain town and explore the old street culture under the guidance of the Shuangxi Annotation Studio guide teacher, look for characteristic studios and local humanities bookstores, and experience the long history of the mountain town at a leisurely pace.

This year, through the rental and return bicycle service model, stations have been set up at Shuangxi and Gongliao Taiwan Railway Stations to launch semi-self-service double-rail tour activities, allowing people to take the Taiwan Railway and then rent bicycles for riding. The tour guides will lead the rides to explain the town, enriching the transfer tour between Shuangxi and Gongliao to Fulong, allowing the public to arrange travel plans with multiple stops.

After the cycling tour, you might as well stay in Fulong. In addition to the beautiful seaside scenery, you can also go to the Starry Sky × Art Village next to Fulong Station. It combines a friendly environment and a pure vegetarian diet concept, and gathers together many craftsmen and teachers to make sea waste recycling Art and style creations, snacks and other goodies that feel warm to the touch, and a cultural and creative market with the themes of environmental protection, slow life, and art, can also be used through experiential courses where expert teachers will lead the public to use the concept of marine waste recycling Create your own works of art and leave beautiful memories of your journey.

bicycle tour

Grass Splash Concert. Shanhai Market

This year, continuing the good reputation of the Grassland Wave Concert, the four-day "Grasswater Wave Concert" will be held on the grassland next to the Fulong Sand Sculpture Ticket Office on July 27, 7/28, 8/31, and 9/1 during the summer vacation. It will be combined with " The themed banquet of "Mountain and Sea Market" will create a drunken summer night style with food and beer elements in July, and there will be a summer starry sky guided experience after the concert; in August, it will feature exotic food trucks with the theme of "Ocean" The Kite Carnival creates a warm and joyful style, and there are also local DIY experience activities on site. This concert invites exciting performances including the golden melody band Crispy Band and the well-known creative girl group of Believe Music - BOOM! Singers from groups such as Monster Star Man, Healing Singer Xiaoqiu (Zhuang Juanying), and the famous pop punk band Fat Afraid Group will perform, taking the earth under the sunset as a seat, and enjoy the whole summer with the public through music.

In addition, combined with the on-site market activities, we will launch a lucky draw activity for spending over $100 at the on-site booth. You will get 1 point card. If you collect 3 points, you can go to the service desk to exchange for lottery tickets. Well-known brand bicycles will be drawn every day. And a variety of special exquisite gifts.

For the above related event information, please pay attention to the Northeast Point Tourism Information Network and the Northeast Point Friends Facebook fan group for the latest information. For event registration information, please go to the "2024 Fulong Life Festival" ACCUPASS event link .

Group photo at the celebration

"Photo of previous directors, directors, and agency representatives"

From left: Director Zeng Guoji of the State-owned Property Administration of the Ministry of Finance, Ma Huida, former director of the Northeast Corner Management Office, former director Lin Kunyuan, former director Chen Meigang, Zhang Xicong, former director of the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, You Liyu, current director of the Northeast Corner Management Office, Ministry of Transport Xu Wensheng, former director of the Tourism Bureau, Director Secretary Fang Zhengguang of the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation, Yang Yongsheng, counselor of the Ministry of Transportation, Chen Yingrong, director of the Transportation, Environment and Resources Division of the Executive Yuan, and Xu Zhenglong, former director of the Northeast Corner Management Office.

Zhu Zhennan's works

Written by Director Zhou Yonghui and written by Master Zhu Zhennan, congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the Northeast Corner Management Office

Last Updated:2024-06-01