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The Northeast Point and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office was recognized with domestic and foreign awards

Date :2024-03-09
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The Northeast Coast Slow Travel - Huamo. Railway Slow Travel by the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and the Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office won the 2024 German Award for the "Northeast Coast Slow Travel - Huamo. Railway Slow Travel" on March 6, 2020. The Golden City Gate: Tourism Multimedia Awards of the Berlin International Travel Fair (ITB) and the Silver Star Award in the tourism area category have appeared on the international stage; and on March 9, 2013, Guishan Island The cultural landscape shaping project was recognized with double awards including the "2023 Taiwan Landscape Award - Landscape and Recreation Category - Excellent Work", marking an innovative chapter in tourism in the Northeast corner.

Winning photo

You Liyu, director of the Northeast Cape and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Management Office, said that the beautiful scenery of the coast in the Northeast Cape is popular with tourists. This time, the film "Traveling in the Northeast Cape - Huamo. Railway" won the Golden City Gate Award at the International Travel Fair in Berlin (ITB), Germany. "Micro Travel" is based on the theme of micro travel along the coast in the northeast corner, combining railways, bicycles, and specialty brand merchants to present the local natural coastal scenery and romantic environmental atmosphere in the northeast corner; while the Guishan Island Cultural Landscape Shaping Project is committed to This island is created into a perfect place that combines natural landscape and human history, allowing tourists to experience the unique charm of Guishan Island. In addition, I would like to thank the organizers of each award for their recognition and the joint efforts of the entire team. We look forward to participating and winning awards to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to travel to Northeast Point and experience the beautiful scenery of Northeast Point and the tourism industry of Northeast Point. vitality.

Beautiful scenery of the trail around the lake-Guwei Lake

Revitalization of old settlements

Revitalization of old settlements

The northeast corner is rich in tourist attraction resources. The filming spots for this film include Bitou Tingtao Camp, Yanliao Blue Bay Coffee, Fulong Starry Sky Art Village, Magang Post Coffee, Shicheng Rui Coffee, Cliff Hut-No. 9 Coffee Shicheng Museum, Dali Hexiangju and Wai'ao Service Area are popular recreational attractions in the Northeast Corner. There is also the "Wai'ao Rock Moon Night Starry Sky Spray Market" event that is widely loved by tourists, allowing tourists to quickly take a look at the excitement of the Northeast Corner through videos. charm. There are many scenic spots in the surrounding area that are worthy of tourists to stop for a slow trip. For example, Guishan Island, which was just opened to the island on March 1 this year, is rich in animal, plant, ecology and historical culture. This award-winning project started from the early stage of design when the team explored the history of the island and visited The elders' memories of Guishan Island were overcame the harsh climate on the island to complete the project in the later period, with the main purpose of revitalizing the old settlement and reshaping the style of Guishan Island. At the same time, it also actively displays the charm of fishing village culture, integrating fishermen’s life and traditional crafts into the landscape design, so that tourists can have an in-depth understanding of the island’s history and culture. In addition to landing on the island, you can also go around Guishan Island and watch whales and dolphins, which are very worthwhile activities when you come to Guishan Island. This time, it won the Golden Gate Award and the Taiwan Landscape Award at the International Travel Fair Berlin (ITB) in Germany. The consecutive awards have made Northeast Corner tourism recognized at home and abroad. It is expected to attract more tourists to visit Northeast Corner and become a favorite tourist destination for tourists.

Guishan Island Story

Imagery of Guishan Island

Last Updated:2024-03-11